Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee

San Juan College is pleased that you have joined the ranks of our adjunct faculty. And, we believe that you merit the kind of support that will make your teaching for SJC both effective and enjoyable for you and your students. To bring an idea, suggestion or concern to the Committee, please contact your school representative listed below.

Adjunct faculty who are new to San Juan College are eligible to participate in Connect U, our new adjunct orientation program. New Adjunct Faculty are also encouraged to participate in Adjunct Academy, a two semester program on teaching and learning. Contact Karen Acree at 505-566-3392 or for more information.

We have a number of resources available to our adjunct faculty on our Center for Teaching Excellence (CTX) website. If you have questions or concerns about being an adjunct instructor, please contact the committee representative for your school.

The Adjunct Faculty Handbook was updated in August 2014 and is now available. The handbook is a PDF document and you will need Adobe Reader to view it. The table of contents contains links that will take you to the selected section of the handbook.

To apply for an adjunct faculty position, please see the Human Resources Employment Page.

Committee Charter


Since January 2011, the AFAC has:

  • Proposed and implemented the Cancelled Class Stipend Program (January 2011)
  • Proposed a Professional Recognition Program (March 2011) – Pending President’s Approval*
  • Proposed and implemented the Mentoring Program for all new adjunct faculty (August 2011)
  • Updated the Adjunct Faculty Handbook (January 2012)
  • Added an Adjunct Faculty/AFAC Forum to the Reception (January 2012); will become a regular part of all future Receptions
  • Added an Adjunct Faculty/AFAC Forum session to the CTX spring 2012 schedule; will become a regular part of the CTX’s offerings
  • Proposed and implemented the Adjunct Faculty New Hire Checklist (March 2012)
  • Created an Adjunct Faculty Benefits Summary Document
  • Created Connect U, an adjunct faculty orientation program (August 2012)
  • Collaborated with the CTX Leadership Team (an advisory team led by full-time faculty) to research and develop an Adjunct Academy (August 2013)

*The proposed Professional Recognition Program (PRP) was approved by the LLT in August 2011 and presented to the ELT.  The PRP proposal was revised to address some concerns and will again be submitted to ELT for their consideration.  Below is a brief outline of the intent the PRP:

The AFAC, CTX, and the Office for Learning recommend that the College implement a systematic Professional Recognition Program (PRP) for adjunct faculty that recognizes successful teaching and years of service at the College. The proposed Professional Recognition Program (PRP) will provide adjunct faculty the opportunity to (1) achieve a higher title in a three tier classification system, starting with Adjunct Instructor and moving to Associate Adjunct Instructor and, ultimately, to Senior Adjunct Instructor; and (2) obtain priority status for course assignments based upon their tier placement. Under this proposal, a three tier classification system will be implemented based upon the following: Length and quality of instructional service; professional development activity (# of professional development hours – PDH); and non-teaching service to the College.

Adjunct Faculty Services Contacts

Adjunct Benefits

  • Educational Retirement Board Contributions
    • If teaching four or more credit hours, contributions will be withheld
    • Contribution rates and retirement eligibility are available on the State of New Mexico Educational Retirement Board website
  • Educational Benefits
    • If teaching one (1) credit hour or more:
    • Tuition voucher to enroll in up to 4 credit hours per semester (valid for one year)
    • HHPC membership (must be used during current semester)
    • May transfer tuition waiver/benefits to a qualified family member.
  • Free Professional Development
    • Technology Training
    • Teaching and Learning Seminars
    • Learning Symposiums
  • Free Library Services
    • CD and DVD checkout
    • Book and periodical checkout
  • 403(b) participation
    • Pre-tax deductions
    • 10 Approved Vendors
  • Flexible Spending Account Participation
    • Medical
    • Dependent Care
  • Discounts at the SJC Box Office for certain events
    • Must present SJC ID badge
    • SJC events
    • Adjunct ticket is free
    • Rest of tickets purchased by the adjunct at student rate
    • Touring Shows
    • All tickets are at the student rate
  • Employee Assistance Program
    • Provides services such as short-term counseling and assessments, referrals, prevention/education resources, and crisis intervention
    • See HR for more information
  • Allstate Voluntary Insurance
    • Cancer
    • Universal Life
    • Accident
    • Hospital
    • Short Term Disability

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