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San Juan College offers over 119 academic undergraduate programs and majors led by a team of professional and devoted faculty. Many of our programs will easily transfer to a four-year institution or you might want to get started in the workplace right away with an AAS degree or certificate.

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Does a career as a financial detective sound interesting to you? Do you have a knack for numbers? As an accountant or controller, it's true you'll be crunching numbers, but you'll also be analyzing financial information and advising your clients on financial strategies. At San Juan College, you'll gain the technical skills you need along with developing good communication and problem solving abilities. This is a stable career with accounting and bookkeeping professionals needed in every company and organization-large or small. This is the ideal program for the person who wants to go right to work. There are also certificate programs for students wanting to specialize in bookkeeping or payroll.
Do you want a career in a business office, but you don't feel prepared? Our program helps you develop computer skills, professionalism, responsibility, and decision-making and leadership skills. You'll be ready to apply for an office job in a variety of businesses, such as a school, hospital, bank, law firm, or government agency. This certificate program can be achieved in a short period of time, so that you can enter the workforce or further your educational goals while you�re employed.
Are you thinking about a career change? Have you always dreamed about teaching children, but life's twists and turns took you elsewhere? It's never too late to start making an impact on children's lives. In New Mexico, if you already have a bachelor's degree, you can pursue the licensure you need to start teaching elementary children. Check out the requirements for alternative licensure at San Juan College. We have an intensive, alternative program that is especially designed for adults who are passionate about becoming a teacher. Most classes are held on Saturdays. You'll receive the knowledge and preparation you need to successfully pass the New Mexico Teacher Assessment exam.
Are you adventurous and analytical? Would you be interested in examining ancient artifacts and civilizations, studying different cultures and exploring human languages, music, and art, then an Anthropology major could be ideal for you.
San Juan College will get you started. We offer fascinating courses in the Navajo culture, new world prehistory, religion, and archaeology. You'll learn invaluable skills in data collecting that are of interest to many employers, from social service organizations to multinational corporation. And if you'd like to contribute to research on the Anasazi culture in the Totah area, contact us about becoming a participant in our 6-week Totah Archaeological Project Field School.
Do you lose track of time doodling? painting? designing clothes? Have you been told that you're talented? smart? gifted? Refine and expand your natural abilities with an Art degree at San Juan College. It's a fun, skill-expanding, educational experience. We have a variety of courses – art history, ceramics, drawing, design, painting, sculpture, and photography. While increasing your knowledge of the visual world, you'll improve how you express yourself and learn how to approach artistic challenges in new ways. Our art department offers a vibrant and engaging program with small classes and hands-on experience.
Do you look up at the night sky and wonder, "Are any of those stars actually planets? What keeps them burning? How far away are they?" Or perhaps you're the scientific type who wants to know the psychics and formulas of the universe. Our Astronomy courses offer all of that! Come explore the cosmos at San Juan College. Get a solid foundation in astronomical basics, learn about constellation mythology, or take the "Trekkie" deep space course. On clear nights, you'll learn how to use a telescope to observe planets, nebulae, star clusters, and other objects.
Do you like to work on cars and make them look new again? Learn how to remove dents, straighten frames, weld, and paint vehicles in our modern spray booth. At San Juan College, you can earn an AAS in two-years or a certificate in just three-semesters.
The GM Automotive Service Educational Program (ASEP) at San Juan College is a college training program that offers a career opportunity as a General Motors service technician. This program leads to an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Automotive Technology while it provides you with the technical competency at a professional level.
The only cars that don't need the services of someone skilled in automotive technology are in the soapbox derby. An automotive technology associate's degree can not only prepare you as an automotive service technician or mechanic, but it can also start you on the road toward becoming an auto shop supervisor or even owner of your own repair facility.
Learn the latest technologies in fuel systems (carburetion, fuel injection), driveability, electrical systems, heating/air conditioning, transmissions, brakes (including anti-lock systems), and alignment and suspension in our state-of-the-art 30,000 square foot shop. And check out our industry-specific programs for Toyota, Chrysler, and General Motors
Why get a Biology degree? If you're interested in a career in microbiology, botany, ecology, forensic science, genetics, environmental studies, physiology, plant pathology, or entomology (or any other career that studies living things), then you'll need a foundation in biology. At San Juan College, we offer an AS degree with a biology concentration for students interested in transferring to a four-year institution. Many of our courses include field trips and studies on the Four Corners region.
Imagine having the satisfaction of building a home that will last for generations. Standing back and being able to say "I built that" is a great accomplishment. If you enjoy working with your hands and take pride in your work, a building trades career could be what you are looking for!
Enroll in one of our Building Trades programs to learn blueprint reading, drafting, estimating, foundations, framing (floor, wall and roof), exterior finish, interior finish, roofing and insulation, and painting. You'll work in one of our well-equipped carpentry shops as well as on a home construction job site.
What can you do with a business degree? You might be surprised! The opportunities for employment and career advancement are the reason why this is one of the most popular degrees, especially for working adults returning to college. With a Business Administration degree you can pursue a career in management, human resources, marketing, finance, or technology.
The Business Administration program at San Juan College gives you several career path choices. If you want to enter the job market in 2 years, consider the AAS degree program, with its emphasis in accounting, management, and customer service. If your goal is a Bachelor�s degree, our AA in Business Administration degree program prepares you to transfer to a four-year institution.
Why do leaves change color? Why is a diamond hard? Can your hair turn white from fright? Do green lifesavers really make a spark? The answers to these and many other questions are answered through chemistry. It's an incredibly fascinating field of study that helps us understand the physical universe we live in. With a degree in Chemistry you could be a chemist specializing in pharmaceuticals, preservatives, or fragrances. You could become an environmental scientist or a chemical engineer, or you could use your degree for a career in nuclear medicine, toxicology, art conservation, or forensic science.
At San Juan College, we offer an AS degree with a chemistry concentration for students. It's primarily for transfer students who will go on to pursue a Bachelors or advanced degree, but many of our graduates find employment in the Rocky Mountain region as Chemical Technicians.
The College Automotive Program (CAP) is part of a nationwide effort by Chrysler to produce the industry's best automotive technicians. San Juan College, is an ASE/NATEF certified institution in partnership with Chrysler.Classes will begin on odd numbered years during the fall semester.
If you're interested in becoming a truck driver or entering the transportation industry, you'll need a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). At San Juan College, you'll get hands-on driving practice on our training course and on the highway. You'll also learn how to operate a forklift, install tire chains on a large truck, adjust air brakes and participate in live fire extinguisher training. You can be ready to take the New Mexico CDL exam in just 8 weeks!
There's no question that computers do a lot to improve our lives, but they require a human to program them. The program works well for those of you who are logical, precise and mathematical, and also creative and imaginative. Is that you? Do you want to explore the exciting frontier of computer technology and be a part of shaping the future? If the answer is YES! get started in our Computer Science transfer degree program. We have state-of-the-art computer labs and equipment, and we also offer an object-oriented programming certificate and a web programming certificate.
Are you interested in a career in the beauty industry? Do your friends always ask your advice about hairstyles and fashion? Do you like helping people look their best? Cosmetology may be a perfect fit for you! It's an exciting career that is in high demand.
At San Juan College you can take the complete Cosmetology program or focus on a Barber, Esthetician, or Manicure/Pedicure certificate. We prepare you to successfully pass your state exam and earn your licensure. From there on, the skies the limit!
Do you keep a journal? Do you like to weave stories for friends & family? Maybe you've already started your first novel. If you want to pursue a life in writing, our Creative Writing certificate program guides you through a sequence of courses that will help you define, expand, and refine your writing skills. Although the core focus of this program is on the craft of writing with mastery in the genres of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, you'll be exposed to the works of great authors - both classic and contemporary - to inspire your creative writing. Most of these classes are also offered online so you can earn this certificate while you're writing from a cabin or coffee shop!
If you like helping people, enjoy working with your hands as well as your mind, and are interested in helping to prevent disease while assisting patients to maintain their health, a career as a dental hygienist may be for you.
At San Juan College, we offer a Dental Hygiene Program leading to an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. This program provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills to enter the profession of dental hygiene.
Dental Hygiene is among today’s top 10 jobs with the strongest employment outlook and high wages. You will be trained in our state-of-the-art dental clinic and receive more than 600 hours of clinical experience working with patients. Our graduates, with a job placement rate of over 98%, are well prepared to enter this exciting profession.
Do you know your way around an engine? Are you comfortable using hand-tools? Then you might want to become a professional diesel mechanic. You'll be responsible for fixing and maintaining diesel engines and related components, and you'll have the opportunity to work on a wide range of machinery, from cars, trucks, and boats to construction and mining equipment.
The program here at San Juan College covers diesel power trains, hydraulic systems, braking systems, chassis systems, electrical/electronic systems, and air conditioning. And you'll be trained on computer-based diagnostic systems from Caterpillar, Cummins, and Detroit.
This is a rewarding career field with a variety of employment opportunities!
Are you into video games? Fascinated by simulation or animation? Wherever you look these days, from TV and film to the web and smartphones, digital media is expanding. You can be a part of this high-tech industry. The Digital Media Arts degree program at San Juan College is designed to provide you with effective design, technical and project management skills for print, web and multimedia production. When you graduate you'll have a portfolio ready to show prospective employers.
If you're mechanically minded, able to visualize how things should work, and are comfortable with computers, you might be interested in a Drafting and Design Technology career.
Enroll in one of San Juan College's drafting programs. Become a Civil Drafter to prepare drawings and topographical and relief maps used in major construction or civil engineering projects. Or become a Mechanical Drafter who prepares drawings showing the detail and method of assembly of a wide variety of machinery and mechanical devices
If you love children and want to be a part of shaping their future starting with children at a young age, you should become a preschool teacher. It's a rewarding career, where you can dramatically influence children, and help them develop new knowledge and skills. The Early Childhood Education (birth through grade 3) program at San Juan College prepares you to care for and educate young children in nursery schools, day care centers, and nonprofit programs. Our AA degree program is intended for students who plan to transfer to a four-year baccalaureate granting institution in Early Childhood Education. With the certificate program, you can get a job as a teaching assistant, child care provider, or family day care provider in just 2 semesters!
Are you physically and emotionally fit? Compassionate and patient? Are you able to handle potentially frightening and dangerous situations when dealing with injured or mentally unstable individuals? The emergency medical technician (EMT) is the first to respond to a scene, such as a car accident, crime scene, heart attack, stroke or natural disaster, where people require immediate medical attention. As an EMT, your job is to assess, stabilize and provide ongoing care to the patient while transporting him or her to a hospital via ambulance or sometimes even helicopter.
San Juan College offers various levels of certification. Check them out to see which one is best for you!
Do you think it would be fun to design and develop new products and services? Do you enjoy science, math and technology, and learning how things work? If you're wired with that special combination of intellect and creativity, then consider getting a degree in engineering. It's a satisfying career where you can make a difference in this world. And your earnings potential is high! With a four-year degree, there's software engineering, electrical engineering, mining engineering, and petroleum engineering just to name a few.
San Juan College offers an AS degree program that prepares you to transfer directly into a mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical, environmental, or aerospace program at a four-year institution.
Do you enjoy reading? Do you keep a journal, or write poetry or short stories? Then you might be interested in studying English. San Juan College offers an AA in Liberal Arts degree with a concentration in English. You'll develop effective communication and critical thinking skills. And English graduates are able to find jobs in any number of fields. Pursue a career as a writer, publicist, copywriter, editor, or researcher. With more education, you might even find yourself teaching English as a second language - in Japan!
If you're courageous, responsible, service oriented and physically fit, you might find your interest piqued by a career in Fire Science. This is a highly competitive field, so earning your AAS in Fire Science or a Fire Fighting Certificate can help advance you in your career. These programs are for students who are already employed by a local fire and rescue service organization. If you're still waiting for your employment opportunity, go ahead and get started with some of our lower level courses, or join our Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program. And consider becoming a volunteer fire fighter to get your foot in the door.
Lease Operators are key players in the rapidly growing oil and gas industry. You'll be the one responsible for monitoring, troubleshooting, and operating wells. At San Juan College, students get hands-on training on the machinery and surface equipment used in the field. Our yard has a complete well site including a pumping unit, separator, compressor skid, dehydration unit, and meter run.
Do you enjoy science and math and know you want to pursue a science-related career, but you just don't know exactly what that is yet? Then general science may be the right major for you. It's designed to provide you with a broad education, and help you develop science and laboratory skills that relate to a wide variety of topics, ideas, and experiences. And it's flexible! Allowing you to tailor the degree to meet your specific career goals. You can take classes in chemistry, biology, botany, zoology, geology, and physics...perfect for exploring science - even just for its own sake. You can apply your knowledge of science to careers in education, technology, medicine, or research.
Are you concerned about the earth? The environment? People and societies? Geographers study all sorts of issues that affect people and the environment. They use their knowledge of physical science, social science, and humanities to help solve many of the problems we face like climate change, natural disasters, poverty and cultural differences. A degree in geography can take you places you might not expect. Career paths include: GIS specialist, urban planning, environmental monitoring, map making, conservation, recreation, and housing and social welfare. It's a major that teaches students a wide-range of skills that are useful for a variety of careers.
Get started at San Juan College with courses in Geography!
Do you pick up rocks hoping to find a fossilized leaf or shell? Do you like to spend your free time exploring caves and canyons? Then you might want to consider getting a degree in geology. Depending on what area interests you the most, you could become a mineralogist, petroleum geologist, geochemist, paleontologist, or oceanographer. Geology majors also work in engineering and management for the oil & gas, and mining industries.
At San Juan College, we offer an AS degree with a geology concentration for students interested in transferring to a four-year institution. Many of our courses include field trips and studies on the Four Corners region.
Is Health Information Technology (HIT) for you? Do you have an aptitude for science, but also like management, law, and computers? Are you interested in working in healthcare, but not directly with patients? Are you detail oriented? If the answer is yes, then this exciting and rapidly changing healthcare career may be for you.
We offer the following programs: an Associate of Applied Science Degree in HIT and a Certificate in Medical Coding/Billing. Coursework includes anatomy & physiology, pathophysiology, medical coding, reimbursement, legal issues, supervision, quality management, and electronic health records.
Do you like learning about the past? Could you spend hours examining old photos, faded diaries, and antiques? Do you think that lessons from the past apply to today? Then become a History major. At San Juan College, we offer a History concentration within our Liberal Arts program that starts you off studying a core set of historical periods. With your AA, you can transfer to a four-year institution to complete your Bachelor's degree. Did you know that history majors learn a variety of transferable skills, from gathering, investigating, and assessing material to effectively expressing ideas clearly and concisely? Career paths include law, business, publishing, journalism, teaching, politics, broadcast media, and museums.
Do you enjoy gardening? Are you captivated by beautiful landscapes? The horticulture degree program at San Juan College blends science and hands-on skills. You'll learn landscape architecture and construction, conservation techniques, horticulture techniques, and how to diagnose plant disorders. We have a separate program that focuses on xeric, or arid, environments. Graduates may seek employment as architectural apprentices, landscape design technicians, nursery manager, or work with government and private industry.
Did you know that San Juan College has the largest Herbarium in the Four Corners region, with about 50,000 specimens? We also have an Atrium and Plant Room in our West Complex building, housing tropical and sub-tropical species. Come be a part of the important botanical studies that are happening at San Juan College!
Are you passionate about justice? Do you want to help people in need - finding homes for children or job opportunities for the unemployed? Then consider a Human Services degree. San Juan College offers AA and AAS degree career tracks in Criminal Justice, Generalist, and Substance Abuse. The Criminal Justice program prepares you for law enforcement, security management, corrections, court administration, or crime prevention. The Generalist program is for students who want to focus on social work and counseling. With a Substance Abuse degree, you're trained for alcohol and drug abuse counseling.
The Industrial Apprenticeship Program is a partnership between Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) and the School of Energy’s Process Technology Program.
Do you like to work on machinery? Do you have good problem-solving abilities? Can you understand technical manuals? Keeping machines in good working order is the primary responsibility of an Industrial Maintenance Mechanic, also called industrial machinery mechanics or maintenance machinists. At San Juan College you'll get hands-on experience in pump alignment, fabrication, hydraulics, vibration analysis, measurement tools, piping systems, lubrication, mechanical drives, and welding.
As a Process Operator, you'll have the opportunity to work in a highly-paid job for a variety of industries that produce electricity, commodity gases (natural gas, propane, butane), gasoline, diesel fuel, industrial chemicals, plastics, ultra pure water, and pharmaceuticals. Many of our graduates go on to work at local power plants and gas processing facilities.
Do you have good critical thinking and problem solving skills? Are you computer proficient? Our Instrumentation and Controls Technology program prepares you to be an Instrumentation Technician, Industrial Electrician, Automation Technician, or Instrument & Electrical Technician - no previous electronics experience necessary!
These types of jobs are actually pretty complex and involve installing, maintaining and troubleshooting automatically controlled processes. In the San Juan Basin, instrumentation and controls technicians are in demand to work in jobs ranging from automation technician in the oilfield, refineries to controls technician at the local power plants, and processing plants.
Are courtroom dramas your favorite TV shows? Does the legal system fascinate you? Do you enjoy research and investigation? Then a career as a paralegal may be right for you. Short of practicing law, you'll get to do many of the things that a lawyer does, including interviewing witnesses, investigating the facts, researching the law, drafting legal documents, managing case files, and assisting lawyers in the courtroom during trials. This is an exciting career!
Graduates from the San Juan College Paralegal program are equipped to work in law offices, financial institutions, title companies, government agencies, and legal departments for a variety of companies. Our program is also approved as a Navajo Nation Tribal Advocacy training program.
The Associate of Arts degree is intended for transfer to a four-year baccalaureate granting institution. Those wishing to transfer to a baccalaureate granting institution and pursue a degree program in Liberal Arts are strongly encouraged to check with their advisor and carefully coordinate their coursework at San Juan College with the requirements of the transfer institution.
Do you like to working with your hands? What about high-tech computers and machinery? With a degree in Machine Shop Technology, you can become a junior machinist, tool and die maker, moldmaker and maintenance machinist, or a machine operator, quality control analyst, machine tool salesman, or industrial repairman.
At San Juan College, you'll get hands-on experience with traditional and state-of-the-art machinery plus we offer gunsmithing classes.
Do you have excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills? Do you like numbers? Formulas? Word problems? Have you considered majoring in mathematics? Just about any career that is technical in nature requires some expertise in math. It's great preparation for engineering, law, or medicine, and there are employment opportunities such as an actuary, or in statistics, education, and health sciences. Government agencies like NASA, National Security Agency, and the Department of Agriculture hire graduates of advanced programs who are skilled in applied mathematics.
At San Juan College, complete the first two years of your degree in a small classroom setting where you'll receive individualized attention from the instructors. After you've completed your AS degree, you can transfer as a Junior into any four-year institution.
Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT) are essential members of the healthcare team, acting as detectives, uncovering and providing clues that assist physicians in patient diagnosis and treatment as well as disease monitoring or prevention. The MLT uses sophisticated biomedical instrumentation and technologies to perform laboratory testing of blood and body fluids.
The San Juan College AAS program curriculum prepares students to be an entry level generalist, capable of performing clinical laboratory procedures in a variety of areas including hematology, chemistry, microbiology, immunology and immunohematology.
We also offer a Phlebotomy Certificate Program which prepares students to collect and process specimens. A Phlebotomy Technician must like challenge and responsibility, and be able to create an atmosphere of trust and confidence with patients while drawing blood in a skillful, safe, and dependable manner.
Would you like to be a corporate translator? Does the intrigue of working for the FBI or CIA sound exciting? Or would you like to work at a nonprofit agency helping to translate for people in our area or beyond who don't speak English? If you have a knack for foreign languages then you should enroll in our Liberal Arts degree program with a concentration in Modern Languages. Languages include Navajo, Spanish, and a foundation in German. This is an exciting field of study with global career opportunities!
Are you a great singer? Have you been playing guitar or piano since you were a kid? If you're naturally talented you might wonder why you need a music degree. Whether your dream is to perform in a band, join an orchestra, mix music in a studio, or be the next Will.I.Am, get grounded in the theory and foundations of music. Strengthen your abilities and develop skills that will open up more opportunities for you in the music business. You might want to improve your singing, learn how to read music, advance your instrumentation skills, participate in group performances, or learn the latest techniques in audio amplification and digital audio recording. Whatever you need to learn, you can find it here at San Juan College in our music concentration within the Liberal Arts degree program.
Major in Native Studies and learn about Politics, Native Authors, Art, Culture, Contemporary and Historical Native Societies.
This degree program prepares you to transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor's degree.
Earn a Certificate in Natural Gas Compression and be on your way to a promising career! In two semesters, you'll learn the mechanical and technical aspects of compression technology, specifically related to the natural gas industry.
Are you interested in a challenging, exciting multifaceted career that allows you to learn new skills, practice in a variety of different environments, travel to new and different places, influence the political landscape in respect to health care, meet new people on a daily basis, and make a difference in the lives of those for whom you care? If you answered yes to these questions, then nursing may be the career for you. Today is an exciting time to be a nurse….because the sky's the limit in respect to career opportunities, and the supply of nurses has not kept pace with current and future demands.
At San Juan College, our Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program prepares you to take the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX-RN) for licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN). You can choose from a two-year track or an 18-month track. The program also prepares you to transfer to earn a bachelors degree in nursing.
Get a degree in Occupational Safety! It's an amazing career that pays well and lets you work just about anywhere. From factories to hospitals, construction sites to corporate settings. Your job as a safety professional is to help employers create a safe and healthy environment for their workers, and comply with federal, state, and local safety codes. You'll recommend safety protocols, training programs, perform inspections, and ensure that safety measures are enforced. And you'll probably get to travel. What a great job!
Occupational therapy is a vibrant, growing profession that makes it possible for people to achieve independence and to enjoy life to its fullest. By choosing a career as an occupational therapy assistant, you will make a difference! You will be able to improve the lives of people, from newborns to the very old.
Meet your workforce training needs with our 1-day courses. These 23 oil and gas industry training courses are designed for anyone currently employed in the industry who wants to acquire knowledge and improve skills.
Do you love hiking in the back country or paddling down a river? Do you like the excitement of outdoor adventures and new challenges? Do you like to help other people grow more confident and comfortable with outdoor activities? Then the Outdoor Leadership, Education and Recreation (OLER) program may be a terrific fit for you. In this program, you can improve your outdoor technical skills, expand your ability to handle emergencies, and develop teambuilding and group development skills. Most courses include a practical component off campus for first-hand skill development. Courses include climbing, backcountry travel, rafting, high challenge course, mountaineering, and wilderness environment ethics. The classes are fun and challenging. You will learn a lot about yourself, others in your group, and develop valuable skills for a variety of work opportunities.
"I think, therefore I am." Do you have the ability to look at different perspectives with an open mind? Do you like interesting people who wrestle with complex issues? Then you might want to consider a liberal arts degree with a concentration in philosophy. You'd be in good company. Bill Clinton studied philosophy. So did Rudy Giuliani, Alex Trebek, and Steve Martin, along with other famous business people, filmmakers, religious leaders, and Nobel Laureates. Philosophy majors learn invaluable skills in critical thinking, research, writing, speaking, problem-solving, global understanding, and adaptability to any situation. Exactly what employers are looking for!
Your AA degree at San Juan College will prepare you to transfer to four-year baccalaureate institutions.
If you could view the world with a camera lens permanently attached, would you? Are you the designated photographer at family get-togethers? Have you uploaded more Facebook photos than anyone else you know? Then pursue a career in photography! San Juan College offers photography courses that will help refine your skills and take you to the next level. Our digital photography course teaches you how to edit and enhance images with Photoshop. Related courses in our digital media program could expand you skills even further.
The physical education degree program covers all aspects of human health and fitness. Students learn how the human body works in order to gain an in-depth understanding of personal health, levels of wellness, and understand the true scope of fitness and its effects on the human body and mind. Students also learn about various concepts of health, wellness, and fitness and how to apply them for the maintenance and improvement of human motion. They get an understanding of proper form and safety of human performance, and how to design an individual exercise/lifestyle program.
Are you interested in being an integral part of a healing team? As a Physical Therapist Assistant, working under the supervision of a physical therapist (PT), you'll help patients recover from illness or surgery. You'll learn a variety of techniques ranging from therapeutic exercise and hydrotherapy to ultrasound and electrotherapy modalities.
Not only is this a truly rewarding career, but PTAs are among the fastest growing professions in the nation.
Physics is cool! Did you know that physicists were asked to help with the placement of the new Yankee Stadium to see how wind patterns would affect the flight of the baseball? If you like quarks and quasars, calculus and quantum mechanics, and think that mathematical equations are a challenge and never a chore�physics is the major for you.
A physics degree at San Juan College will provide you with the foundation you need to continue your studies, in areas such as astrophysics, energy exploration, teaching, engineering, or science journalism. You'll also learn how to think logically and methodically - essential skills for any career.
Are you passionate about politics? Do you read the news regularly and form opinions on local, national, and international government? If you want to turn your passion for public policies into a career, pursue a major in Political Science. At San Juan College we offer an AA in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Political Science. You'll explore current and historical political issues, critically examine ideas such as justice, democracy, and freedom, and evaluate diverse political regimes. Tell your friends to get ready for more political sparring!
So you want to be a Doctor? The first step is to complete your pre-med coursework. The San Juan College Pre-Medical Sciences program is designed to provide you with the basic competencies, knowledge, and skills in anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, and physics that are required to transfer to a baccalaureate degree program. Our classes are smaller than at a large institution so you'll receive the individualized attention you need to successfully complete this challenging program.
Do your friends often come to you for advice? Are you a good listener? Compassionate? Patient? Are you fascinated by human behavior and wonder why people think the way they do? Then you might be interested in studying psychology at San Juan College. Coursework includes the study of behavior, human development, personality development, cognition, and emotions. It's a fascinating program that prepares you to transfer to a 4-year program. A psychology major is useful in a variety of jobs from social work to marketing. With advanced training you can pursue a rewarding career as a counselor or psychologist, specializing in areas such as developmental, forensic, sports, experimental, or educational psychology. Ask us about the local option for completing your four-year degree in psychology or human services.
Would you like to make a lasting and meaningful difference by helping care for patients with lung or heart disorders? Respiratory Therapists are one of the fastest growing healthcare professions. If you're good with math, science, and like working with technology, this may be the career for you. Most Respiratory Therapists works in hospitals, but you may prefer working in patients' homes, medical equipment supply companies, or skilled nursing facilities.
Are you a people watcher? Maybe you don't like crowds, but you're fascinated by what other people are doing. Sociology is the study of people and how they interact with one another, so sociology majors usually end up in people-focused careers like social work, counseling, or career development. But you could also become a United Nations under-secretary for humanitarian affairs like Lady Amos, a chart-topping singer-songwriter like James Blunt, or a comedian-actor like Robin Williams – just a few of the famous people who have majored in sociology. Having an understanding of human relationships can help you in a variety of careers! Get on your way at San Juan College by getting your AA Liberal Arts degree with a concentration in Sociology.
Become part of a surgical team as a Surgical Technician. You'll work closely with surgeons, operating room nurses, and anesthesiologists, preparing the operating room, assembling equipment, and prepping the patients. It's an exciting and challenging career.
San Juan College provides a state-of-the-art operating room lab with everything you might find in a real lab! The program also includes experiences in the hospital setting.
Do you have a special teacher that you'll always remember? If you had to pick the "person you admire most," would it be one of your teachers? Chances are it's because that teacher made a big impact on you. There's no career more important than teaching. You can change the lives of children for the better every day. But what age group should you teach? If you're a natural with the little guys, then consider being an elementary education teacher, teaching children from ages 4 to 10. If you like the spunk of middle schoolers or have a particular talent that you want to share, you might want to get a degree in secondary education.
Complete your AA degree at San Juan College. You can transfer seamlessly to a bachelor's education program at another four-year institution, or finish your bachelor's right here! The University of New Mexico and New Mexico Highlands University offer evening and weekend classes on our campus.
"And....ACTION!" Would you love to write, produce, and direct your own play? Or have a working knowledge of the theatre, lighting, and scenery that will help improve your chances of winning those theatre tech or directing assistant positions? San Juan College has a very unique Technical Theatre program. It's offered as an emphasis in the AA Liberal Arts or on its own as an AAS degree. We have an 800-seat Performance Hall, a 20- seat Little Theatre, and a 60-seat Black Box Theatre. Each year students work backstage and perform in three major productions. You'll also mentor high school theatre students in an annual theatre festival.
The Toyota Technican Education Network Program (TTEN) at San Juan College is a college training program that offers a career opportunity as a Toyota Motors service technician. This program leads to an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Automotive Technology while it provides you with the technical competency at a professional level.
Do you care about animals? Do you enjoy working with your hands? Are you good at decision making? Do you like working with people? Do you enjoy handling a variety of responsibilities?
The credentialed veterinary technician is an integral member of the veterinary healthcare team who has been educated in providing specialized animal nursing care, surgical assistance, and assisting in diagnostic procedures. While the majority of veterinary technicians are employed in private practice, the demand for credentialed veterinary technicians is rapidly expanding to exciting new career opportunities in health related fields.
As a welder, you can work in any number of industries, from car racing to manufacturing. At San Juan College you'll learn how to weld and fabricate steel, along with blueprint reading, metallurgy drafting, and applied mathematics. Our facilities include new, spacious shops and state-of-the-art equipment in TIG, ARC, MIG, pipe beveling and metal fabrication.
San Juan College offers the certification you need for your job, whether you're a driller on the rig or an engineer in the office. This program is fully accredited by IADC Wellcap.