Leadership San Juan





The Mission of Leadership San Juan

To identify, enlighten, and encourage emerging leaders of diverse backgrounds, occupations and cultures for the purpose of enhancing the quality of leadership in our communities.

Why is LSJ Important?
The quality of leadership will determine the future of San Juan County. The county will look to these leaders to promote economic growth and to enhance the quality of life found in this area.


Who Can Participate in LSJ?
Applications from all interested citizens are now being accepted. If you become a class member, each year begins with a weekend retreat where members of that class join in problem solving groups, participate in activities, and learn more about San Juan County.




Board Members

Ms. Bonita Tillerson, President
Ms. Chris Garcia, Vice President
Ms. Marjorie Black, Secretary
Dr. Nancy Shepherd, Treasurer
Mr. Tony Atkinson
Ms. Diane Benally
Ms. Ruth Brooks
Ms. Kristine Carlson
Mr. Vince Cimino
Ms. Liesl Dees
Mr. Nate Duckett
Mr. Scott Eckstein
Chief Michael Heal
Dr. James Henderson
Mr. Ben Lyons
Mr. Wayne Mangum
Mr. Steve Neville
Dr. Toni Pendergrass
Ms. Roberta Rogers
Mr. Henry Silentman
Mr. Norman Tucker









NOTE: The Change of Info link is a quick and easy way for all members to submit any changes to their contact information, keeping everyone up-to-date. Thank you.



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